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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The New 72:

In the end my salvaged music repository resulted in 72 additions to my music hall of fame.  My Good Music post is updated with all the latest facts, so now's as good a time to check it out as any.

So, what's new?  Yoko Shimomura has moved up to my 8th favorite composer, and Yuki Kajiura isn't far behind at 11th.

Katsuhisa Hattori, the composer behind Seikai no Monshou/Senki, went up from just four songs to 19.

30 of the new songs came from Japan, 42 from the West.  (Overall, music from Japan accounts for 7.2 days of my hall of fame, while music from the West accounts for 2.7 days, so this was a rare win for the West.  Still, whites can be proud to have contributed 1/4 of all good music on Earth, as well as having invented the very concept of modern music and all the modern instruments Japan relies upon to churn out hit after hit.  None of this would have been possible if not for us.)

Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Celtic Woman, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, No Doubt, Placebo, Stabbing Westward, Simon and Garfunkel, The Smashing Pumpkins and U2 all newly made the eminent composers list.

The new inclusions represent a crazily diverse selection of music ranging across all types.  They represent the best of their fields, from heavy metal to ska to whatever.  They plug whatever remaining gaps were in my hall of fame until now, forming a truly complete music guide.  The reason I didn't include them before is because my cd's couldn't be turned into mp3's, not because I didn't know the bands were good.  Once that roadblock was out of the way I was able to patch all the holes like I always wanted.

The latest list includes every good song I know of, with nothing left out.  I can finally sit back on my throne and relax -- until Xenoblade 2 comes out in December at least.  I've also more than made up for all the losses from cutting remixes.  At 9.9 days, my hall of fame has never been longer as well as more inclusive, vibrant, and diverse.

Once I get my hands on Xenoblade 2, this continuous year of musical curating toil will be at an end.  I've needed all this time just to get things prepared, but the grand finale is now in sight.  The fruit of all my labors.  10 days of continuous musical perfection here we come.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Konohana Kitan Dropped:

I suspected this from the start, but an anime that relies entirely on looks can only go so far.  The straw that broke the camel's back was when the show started taking shortcuts with its art, the only thing it ever had going for it.  Once it turned its back on lavish, gorgeous detail in favor of blobs and stick figures, there was nothing left to see.  That brings the fall season down to 14 shows.

I no longer believe Anime-Gataris will make my rankings, either.  The stupid talking cat ruins any shot the show had at greatness.  There's absolutely zero reason for it to exist, it's completely extraneous to the plot, and if it ever became central to the plot it would only be because the story completely genre-shifted from slice of life to something else, thus destroying what I liked about the story in the first place.  There's no way out due to that cat, the show will be stupid one way or another.  Other aspects are still good, so I'll keep watching, but great?  Nyet.

At least Spider Man: Homecoming was good.  I thought Vulture was a pretty cool villain, and the movie as a whole was very lighthearted and funny.  I rank it just below Ant Man, which was even funnier.  It's definitely a must see.

All this time my music hall of fame has been incomplete because my giant cd collection was unusable because modern computers don't play cd's.  I finally took the plunge and hooked up an old computer, ripped any of my cd's I thought might have some potential, and then transferred the files to my new computer where I could integrate them with the rest of my itunes songs.

The only problem is all the songs were originally labelled as 'unknown title, unknown artist, unknown album.'  That's all I had to work with due to the wonders of ripping.  Using windows media player, I was able to auto-identify the albums via a cool matchup system.  After that it just came to working out the kinks, lots of copy and pasting from windows media player over to itunes, and I had my music collection back, now in modern form.

Next off came the actual judging of the salvaged music.  As much as I love my old nostalgic cd collection, it has to pass the same rigorous testing as Valkyrie Profile or anybody else to reach my hall of fame.

So far I've judged The Beatles, Ranma 1/2, Peter Schilling, Bjork's Selmasongs, Celtic Woman's Christmas Album, Depeche Mode, Green Day, the complete soundtrack to Crest/Banner of the Stars (my hall of fame currently only features a few scattered gems from this marvelous composer), Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, No Doubt, Placebo, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Smashing Pumpkins.  Since this just comes from my cd collection, it isn't meant to be a review of their entire discographies, but just the music I grew up with and am sentimentally attached to from each of these bands.  It's possible there's good songs I don't know about from these bands, but what's important to me is having the music from my past circulating in the present once again.  I figure any song by these bands can act as a synechdoche for all of the others, anyway, since really not that much changes from song to song, so including any of a band's oeuvre is equivalent to honoring their entire oeuvre.

Still to come:  Stabbing Westward (currently my Hall of Fame only has one song from this band, but that will soon change.), U2, the Parasite Eve ost (by the illimitable Yoko Shimomura), and the Noir ost (by the luminous Yuki Kajiura).  I already have some Noir songs in my hall of fame, but like with Crest of the Stars, I now have the exhaustive list instead of just a few scattered specimens.

I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with 100+ new entries to my music hall of fame by the time this is all over.  But for now I'll hold off on any updates until I've finished judging the entirety of my salvaged music.  This will be a big boost to my boy rock contribution to my hall of fame, which previously was rather embarrassingly scanty, but even this time around the predominant number of hits will be music from anime and video games.  Japan just makes better music than the west, especially boy bands from the west, so it can't be helped.

Which is Worse?:

According to liberals, if we adopt any philosophical, political, factual, moral, or scientific stances that resemble what the Nazis believed, we'll inevitably holocaust 6 million Jews. Since the Holocaust really did happen and it was at least partially propelled by Nazis' scientific and philosophical stances (the other part was just plain resentment of how much damage Jews had done to Germany and Europe as a whole), let's just grant the liberals' argument.  There's at least a possibility that anything even remotely Nazi like will somehow end up right back where we started, with gas chambers and piles of dead bodies stacked up like cord wood.

But this isn't the killer ace in the hole argument liberals seem to think it is.  Okay, so 6 million Jews (or if there aren't enough Jews around in your country, let's say Muslims or women or gays or blacks or whomever) will die.  What of it?  Is the world of today such a great place that we wouldn't gladly make that trade?

Not even the most fanatical of liberals is going to disagree with the factual reality that many of the problems facing the west today were unthinkable and impossible under National Socialism.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, Europe, North America and Australia would become majority non-white continents by 2100.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, the white birth rate would have fallen to below 1 child per woman.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, adultery rates would have skyrocketed to 50% among women.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, drug use would be at 50% and obesity/overweight people would constitute 80% of the population.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, the divorce rate would be 50%, the majority of children would be born out of wedlock and the majority of the adult population would be single.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, 90% of the population would have an STD, due to the fact that the average woman has 11 sexual partners over her lifetime, while gays via bisexuals add all sorts of new plagues via their average of thousands of lifetime lovers.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, 60% of women would report themselves as bisexual, gay marriage would be legalized, and transgenders would be allowed in women's bathrooms.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, over 50% of children would be receiving food stamps or other poverty relief benefits because nobody can be expected to support themselves anymore.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, the last man to go past near Earth orbit would be in 1972.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, the average IQ of the world would be dropping like a rock.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, the percentage of mentally ill people in society would be 18%.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, we'd live under siege from Islamic terrorism, crime, and rape gangs.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, we'd have to meet various diversity and affirmative action quotas for all positions of wealth, power, or prestige.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, we'd be paying over 50% of our income in taxes, mostly to support slutty single mothers and non-white invaders.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, the population would be nearly 8 billion and still exponentially rising with no end in sight, with 3/4 of that number composed mostly of the poorest, most woebegone, wretched specimens of 'humanity' imaginable.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, whites would be deemed the 'cancer of human history' and treated as such by their own ruling class, demonized in school, the news, the arts and entertainment industry, in advertising, their monuments torn down and even their graves desecrated.

No liberal would ever argue that if the Nazis had won World War II, that whites could be arrested, fined, imprisoned, fired, punched, ostracized or otherwise harmed just for advocating for their right to continue existing.

At a certain point you have to ask yourself, which is worse?  Let's even say the death toll is adjusted to the modern era, so we kill six billion people instead of six million.  Name any number you like.  What difference does it make?  Is any possible nightmare scenario remotely as bad as the present day?  As the incoming future we're headed towards so long as we don't adopt at least something resembling the Nazi platform?

These numbers are despair inducing.  They're worse than any death toll you can throw against the wall.  If over 4/5 of mankind is already living in hell, if 9/10 of mankind is already living a life worse than death, if 100% of mankind is destined to be ruled over by African Muslims who return us to the stone age (until they eventually just wipe us out like they did in Haiti and Zimbabwe) who the fuck gives a damn about a holocaust or two?

Liberals don't dispute any of these facts.  They're reported by the US Census Bureau, the United Nations, the National Institutes of Health, etc.  Everyone admits this is the world we live in.  Everyone admits this is the future we are headed towards.  They just say none of this is a big deal, and a holocaust would be far worse, so there's nothing we can do to prevent any of it.

Well it seems like a pretty big deal to me when it's impossible to form a healthy mating pair or reach even near replacement birth rates in the modern world anymore.

It seems like a pretty big deal to me when people are so mentally disturbed or depressed they can't function without various drugs (legal or illegal) constantly being injected into their systems.

It seems like a pretty big deal to me when no one is allowed to tell the truth about anything anymore.

It seems like a pretty big deal to me when IQ is dropping below the amount required to maintain a technological civilization.

It seems like a pretty big deal to me that the Earth is already above its own carrying capacity but Africa still keeps breeding like maggots with no plan on how to accommodate them in the future.

It seems like a pretty big deal to me that the worst religion on Earth is set to become the world's largest religion.

But I guess it's just me.  While I'm looking at these facts commonly reported in all the most mainstream news sources and respectable institutions and panicking, everyone else is just scarfing down another cheeseburger, happy as can be.  So whatever.  Apparently none of these problems are real, everyone's fine with the status quo and even fine with where trend lines are heading.  They think it's great.  So they're welcome to it.  Far be it from me to save people from a hell of their own choosing.  Let it all burn.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hayate no Gotoku Cuties and Oav's out in Blu-ray:

The final season of Hayate no Gotoku is finally subtitled in blu-ray.  The Cuties season came out in 2013, and the oav's in 2014.  So we've been waiting four and three years, respectively, for the blu-ray version.

I gave up on a blu-ray ever appearing and rewatched these shows long ago, but never say never!  Now we can all enjoy Cuties and the followup oav's the way they were meant to see, in crystal clear picture quality.  The biggest upgrade may be for the oav's, which were only in 480p until today.  But there's enough rejoicing to go around for all.  Now all of Hayate is available in blu-ray.  Like Ranma 1/2 it was a long time in coming, but all's well that ends well.

All thanks goes to and [Akiteck] for the fansub.

This was a crazy week in college football, with 4 top ten teams being upset.

Windmill just announced a sequel to the fan favorite Happiness! visual novel, aptly named Happiness! 2.  Hopefully they'll make an anime of this one too?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Dominique Moceanu, Then and Now:

Botticelli Dominique:

Image result for dominique moceanu then and now

Jabba Dominique:

Related image

Any questions?

American Obesity Reaches Record High:

Two months ago I wrote a post, 'O Tempora, O Mores' deploring the virtue of the common man in this country.  Everything was at a new nadir.  We were awful in so many ways it was hard to keep track of them all.

What's funny is that the dire pessimistic tone of the post actually understated all the problems, and in the past few months we've gotten more recent data that shows everything is already far worse than even that.

Some updates on how the situation is worse than the hell already described in my post two months ago --  drug overdoses are at a new record high, STD's are far more common than I suspected.  Despite there being an HPV vaccine, 80% of adults have been infected with HPV at some point in their lives.  2/3 have HSV-1.  So the 1/3 of Americans have STD's data point is accurate, when you're talking about the more major diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, AIDS, Herpes, and Hepatitis.  STD's just reached a new record high in infection rates in this country when referring to these more damaging STD's, but it's still around 1/3.  But if you just want to know "are Americans sluts or not?", any STD is proof, and so the 80% statistic is the more relevant one when discussing American morality.

If Americans have HPV 80% of the time, HSV-1 66% of the time, and something more major 33% of the time, that's not going to totally overlap, which means probably 90+% of Americans have an STD of some sort, all of which is impossible to catch without being a slut.

Younger couples are more likely to have cheated on each other than older couples, so the effective adultery rate (ie for anyone trying to make their way in the world today) is really 50%, not 33% like the previous article said.  The most dramatic increase in adultery comes from the woman's side, who in younger couples is just as likely to cheat as the male, despite the fact that the damage from a woman cheating is much more severe than when a male cheats.  (No matter what, a woman is raising her own child, but if men are cuckolded their gene line is straight out extinguished.  On top of that, it's possible for men to love multiple women but women can only love the very best man in their life, so cheating for a woman means a complete alienation of her affection, whereas for a man the wife might not even notice any drop in affection at all.  This is because men are naturally polygamous whereas women are naturally hypergamous, which in turn is due to the simple biological reality that men produce way more sperm per month than women produce eggs.)

This is why female adultery has always been much more fiercely policed than male adultery historically.  It's because it has always been a much more calamitous event in people's lives, and has a far worse impact on the well being of society and civilization as a whole.  When you drop any penalty for female adultery, they end up cheating just as often as men, but their cheating is ten times as bad as ours ever was, for a total 'nation wrecking factor' of the situation being maybe 30 time worse than where we were in 1950. (because the quantity of cheating as well as the quality was on the rise from then to now.)

The best argument for cracking down hard on male adultery is it gives women a sense of fairness which might inspire them to live up to their side of the bargain.  I'm fine with executing anyone caught cheating, male or women, if this is what it takes to keep women from cheating.  But when assessing how fallen and depraved we've become, a woman cheating is about as bottom of the barrel as a woman can go, whereas for men it's merely gauche.  If all men cheated and zero women did, we'd be living in paradise.  If all women cheated and zero men did, we'd be living in hell.

Another disturbing statistic I've mentioned before is even worse than I thought.  I said that 'half of women are bisexual these days,' well, it's actually 60%:

That's the percentage of women who say they are sexually attracted to other women, are 'bi-curious,' have kissed a girl, etc.  I have a feeling that that number will continue to rise as society continuously embraces more LBGT pride parades and movements and elementary school indoctrinations, to the point that probably next generation it'll be 80% or 90% of women report being bi.

Now, I don't blame women for their feelings of attraction.  Anyone in their right mind can see that women's curvy bodies, body hairless bodies, fair-skinned, big-eyed, long and voluminous hair on top of their heads, with delicate hands and feet and shoulders and jaws, thin narrow necks, bones that create all sorts of beautiful dips and valleys pushing right through to their skin, S-curved backs and flexible postures no men can emulate, fluting voices, blushing cheeks and elegantly concealed internal genitalia have a lot more going for them than anything men can provide.  But I do blame a culture that perversely increases the likelihood of straight couples not forming, which is a threat to the continuation of the species.

If women provide for themselves financially (or receive funds free from the taxpayer), and are more attracted to women than men when all else is equal, what reason is there left for nuclear families to form?  And even if you say women will do just fine on their own with lesbian pairings and artificial insemination, not only do the statistics not actually bear this theory out (lesbians and their children score worse on virtually every social welfare measurement than their straight peers), but even assuming it were true where does that leave men?

Unlike women who are naturally attracted to other women, it is very unnatural for a man to be attracted to another man.  It will never become a viable option for the vast majority, 90+% of men who, like women, are sane enough to understand that female beauty is peerless and unrivaled.  And if they can't have sex with a woman, and thus have a wife and kids, you've shut them out of the most rewarding aspects of life.

And a bunch of men who have passionate instinctive desires for everything good in life but are realistically shut out from achieving any of them from birth onwards, no matter how hard they work or how much they play by the rules, will either kill themselves in despair, become NEET's who contribute nothing to your society because they get nothing out of it so why should they even bother?, or engage in full scale violent revolution, which I assure you the 80 or 90% lesbian couples in their sapphic new world would not much enjoy.

Rather than artificially boosting an already volatile situation, like prodding a dragon awake or setting off a supervolcano, wouldn't it be better to discourage women from seeking out lesbian partners?  Wouldn't it be better to firmly insist that they pair off with men -- so long as men exist in this world?  We're not just talking about consigning half the population to eternal darkness and misery ('oh, they deserved it for being born men, fuck them'), but a full 100%, because they're not just going to quietly take it and go down alone, and men just so happen to be more effective than women at violence, so saying 'we'll just put down the vermin like dogs when that day comes' doesn't fly either.

Women not only very naturally can fall for other women, they also very naturally conform to societal norms.  They are not confrontational, their low testosterone and evolutionary history of having to placate those who are bigger and stronger than them for millions of years forbids it.  Which means if you tell them they should be proud of their feelings for other women and this makes them special, that's what they'll do.  And if you tell them they should be proper helpmates to the men in their lives and seek satisfaction in how much they please their husbands, they'll also do that.

Women, according to their own polls, were happier before they were liberated in the 1950's.  So I'm not suggesting a raw deal for them here, going back to straight, married, nuclear families.  At worst it's all the same to women what they're conforming to, so long as they're praised for conforming to it.  But men are incomparably better off when there's a woman in their lives.  This is just obvious, but there are also tons of studies I could rattle off showing married men are happier than singles, straights are happier than gays, married men live ten years longer than single men, etc, etc, etc.

A sane society would tamp down on any bisexual leanings in their women and blast up to fever pitch any romantic feelings they might be inclined to with men.  For the sake of civilization and the future, it just has to be this way.  Instead we're doing the exact opposite, shaming women who 'debase themselves' by empowering the patriarchy by marrying a man and praising anyone with the 'courage' to choose another woman.  Like the STD rate or the drug overdose rate, the rate of women who openly embrace their attraction to other women is a sign of social decay, because just like all the others yes it decays society.  And this rate is at least thirty times as high as what it used to be just a single lifetime ago.

Lastly, when I wrote my post two months ago, the latest data said 1/3 of American are obese.  Well, that's out of date too.  We've reached a new record high, and now it's 40%.  Obesity among whites is a trait about equally shared between men and women at 38%.  For blacks and hispanics it's even worse, with the obesity being much more prevalent among their women than their men, well over 50%.

Just like adultery, obesity for women is much worse than obesity for men.  Women's specialization is their beauty, so when they ruin it they ruin practically everything of worth about themselves.  In contrast, obese men like Orson Scott Card or G.R.R. Martin can still be some of the greatest writers in the world.  Since men's specialization is creativity and ingenuity (which we pay for in terms of having much higher retardation and insanity rates on the other end), the size of our bodies can largely be irrelevant.  The other specialization of men is violence, which does require a fit body, but that's largely become obsolete with the onset of drone warfare, etc.

A fat man is disgusting, because it says a lot about his self-discipline and spiritual ascendancy over material lusts.  Also, men are very pretty in abstract if they keep themselves thin, fit, and muscular.  The statue of David by Michelangelo is not that bad.  It's profaning God's intention when you replace that David with a fat slob like Harvey Weinstein and then expect women to want to stay straight and have sex with them.  Shouldn't we at least meet women halfway by looking as good as we possibly can on our side?

But a fat woman is beyond disgusting.  It's inexcusable, irreparable, and irredeemable.  Not only did this woman just waste the one asset she has in life for a hamburger, she has shown how ill disciplined and low IQ she is for having made that decision, which means those same bad traits will carry over to every other aspect of your lives together should you get into a relationship with them.  Good luck not divorcing, not being cheated on, not dealing with mental illness, and having fit and attractive and intelligent and well-behaved kids with that slug.  It's like a full spectrum, full decibel London blitz air raid siren is flashing and wailing right in front of your face -- "AVOID! AVOID!  DANGER! DANGER! PULL UP! PULL UP!" the moment a man sees or crosses paths with a fat woman.

It's a true insult to God, who created the most beautiful thing in the universe, the female body (objectively speaking too, even women think women are more beautiful than men, this is just straight true, not even a question of hormones and evolutionary selection), to profane and desecrate that temple into yet another Jabba the Hut.  Gone all the bones poking out from the skin like mountain ranges, collarbones, spines, shoulder blades, hip lines, ankles and heels and all the rest.  All to be replaced by homogeneous blubber.  Gone the striking contrast of full bosom, waspish waist, and then flaring hips.  It's just all homogeneous cylindrical blubber from top to bottom.  The stomach projects further out than the breasts.  Gone the mesmerizing complex and diverse shapes of the two breasts, constantly metamorphosing before our eyes with every little lean, change of posture, or brush against another object.  Neither a tear drop nor a sphere nor anything else definable, the twin mixtures of solid and fluid, rising and falling with every breath much less every step, every angle presenting a new and different aspect of beauty (side boob, underboob, plunging neckline, regular flesh morphing into aureola into nipple, and the wondrous cleavage that marks the two breasts' ever-changing union and yet disunion from one another; like how holes can sometimes be as real as and perform just like particles sometimes the space between breasts can be more beautiful than the breasts themselves) just turns into flaps of blubber layered on top of yet more flaps of blubber into one blubberous whole.

An attractive woman can be looked at for hours at a time with ever more discoveries to her charms, because that's just how complexly beautiful every part of her body is, as well as the unified whole when looked at all together.  When you combine voice, mannerisms, posture, motion, fashion sense, hairstyle, and facial expressions, her beauty can just compound and compound into infinity, into the realm of the divine.  And obesity ruins all of that.  It's just all out the window before it even started.  There's nothing left to see but disgusting blubber, from sea to shining sea.  There are no thick mysterious thighs leading under a skirt, with a thin narrow waist and a belly that sinks inwards compared to the ribcage, spiderwebbed by hip bones almost poking out of the skin, no complex interplay of bone and flesh taking the ascendancy back and forth like some sort of Buddhist sand art -- there's just blubber.  Blubber everywhere, taking up every last fold and crevice.  It's like serving rice on top of rice on top of rice and calling it lasagna.

If a genius poet or artist took a gun to their heads and in a fit of madness blew out half their brains, becoming permanently bed-ridden and losing all of their talent as a result, surely these men would be blamed and cursed for the wastage of their God given gifts.  Many a talented man has gone through exactly that fate, driven by their inner demons to madness and destruction, and every time it's a horrible shame.  Virgil tried to burn his own Aeneid, just as Gogol attempted with Dead Souls.  Van Gogh cut off his own ear.  Newton refused to write down Principia and let the world know of his insights until prompting and pleas by his friends finally moved him to action.

But can any of these men claim to have laid waste to anything so beautiful or glorious as the female body?

Just think about that for a second.  Men strive all their lives just to draw Venus like Botticelli, or create a statue of Nike, or so on.  Women are born Botticellis.  Each and every one of them has the capacity to create a work of art surpassing the world's finest, by simply sculpting themselves.  And these women, given the greatest birthright and largest inheritance God could possibly hope to award a man, throw it all away in favor of an extra hamburger.  Billions of them.  This isn't on the scale of Nietzsche's madness or the stupid Roman centurion who murdered Archimedes or the Greeks who told Socrates to take poison anymore.  For every one man whose nobility was treated like dirt and wasted on mankind, you have billions of obese women doing the exact same thing to themselves every day.

Even an adulterous lesbian with herpes can still be beautiful and thus serve some purpose in this world, provide some good to the people around her.  But an obese woman is lower than that.  She's repellent, abhorrent, and good for absolutely nothing.  The divine light that was gifted to her at birth, that even the worst of vipers still carries with her so long as a woman stays thin, is snuffed out entirely, replaced only by sub-sentient rolling land whales.

So yes, obesity is a crisis for both sexes, and if it encourages women to stay thin, I would have no problem mandating men stay equally thin.  But the gravity of the disorder is far worse for women, and yet nothing more is being done to stop it. Everyone is just looking the other way and whistling as over half our population becomes undatable, untouchable, unimpregnable, un-even-lookable.  How is the species even going to survive if women are no longer attractive enough to woo suitors?  Has anyone long-gamed out the implications of this 'freedom'?

For every obese woman there's an overweight woman headed in that direction, so a 40% obesity prevalence is really an 80% undatability prevalence.  So right off the bat 80% of all women are off the market, and 100% of men are left competing for just 20% of the opposite sex.  This is a game of musical chairs that leaves a lot of miserable men behind.  Because women ruined any value they might have, men have no one left to date, no one they can possibly value, and must live single for life as well, through no fault of their own.  How does this make any sense?  What kind of society allows this level of sabotage to occur in the well being of both sexes?  How are we all so blithe to what's going on around us?  Do the words 'record high' or 'for the first time on record' get through to people?

This is the worst state humanity has ever been in, as measured by virtually every indicator of personal and social health.  Not just like, oh, this century has been awful.  I'm saying even this year has accelerated to new levels of terribleness never before seen.  And next year will be beyond anything we imagined this year, and so on.  New statistics come out seemingly every month saying, "you can't even guess how bad it's gotten since last time we measured this!"

At this point it's like we're trying to shoot the moon.  Are we intentionally gathering up vices and follies like hearts so that we can turn everything around and win via the back door?  Is there some secret cheat code that I don't know about?

Because otherwise it doesn't make much sense that the status quo has remained pretty much unperturbed since 1970.  Every decision that led us here was made around then, and all these warning signs are flashing all around us, error, error, error, and yet here we are, unwilling to change a single one of those decisions.  Unless we're playing hearts and this is an ingenious shoot the moon strategy, we're no different from the Dodos who allowed themselves to go extinct without putting up a single fight.

(Of course, there was one group that put up a fight, but we're not allowed to praise them anymore, because boo hoo six million Jews and poor invaded Czechoslovakia.  If only the Nazis had won World War II. . .)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lightning Returns (FF 13-3) Music:

I'm well aware that many of my Star Wars themes have overlapping melodies, that Bland Logo and Prologue Movie from FF Tactics share some notes, that Summoned Beast Battle and FF 10's Ending theme overlap, etc.  The important distinction here is that the rest of the song for each of these songs is independently worthy of greatness, and the rest of these songs are different from each other, so just dismissing them as remixes is disproportionately counterproductive.

It's okay for two of my songs to occasionally overlap with each other before they move off again in different narrative streams.  What's not okay is for one song to completely copy another, or for one song's only redeeming trait being the part of another song they plagiarized.  That was my complaint with Stealing the Tiny Bronco and the like.

With so many songs cut, though, I decided it wouldn't be untoward to seek to expand again by reaching out to previously untouched soundtracks.  I had already included the music to FF XIII and FF XIII-2, but not Lightning Returns.  Why?  Well, I'd played the first two games but not the third.  However, that's an obsolete standard that hasn't applied to my game music for a long time, so why haven't I tried out Lightning Returns yet?

The real reason is I have very low confidence in the quality of the music when it's being made by the likes of Masashi Hamauzu.  However, 2/3 of the soundtrack isn't even done by him, 1/3 is by Mitsuto Suzuki, and 1/3 is by Naoshi Mizuta, my fifth favorite composer of all time.  It would be a tragedy if I let Masashi's reputation interfere with Naoshi's accomplishments and left some great music stranded for no good reason.

Completing the trilogy musically is more aesthetically pure and satisfying than just having music from the first two games and then suddenly moving on to FF XIV, too.  If I can find any good songs at all from the game, it would be nice to have them just to say I've finished the cycle and finished what I started.  For someone interested in FF 13 music, it would be bizarre for them to find all their favorites from the first two games on my list and absolutely none from the third.  That smacks more of partiality than objectivity.  'Some ultimate video game music collection.'  'Some all-inclusive music hall of fame.'  I can see the sneers from here.

So what was the result?  Out of the 74 songs that made up the soundtrack, five qualified for hall of fame status.  All by Naoshi Mizuta, the genius behind FF 11's music, as expected.  The rest were remixes, trash, or just generally forgettable.  Digging through 74 songs to find just five at the end seems like a lot of wasted effort, but these five really are good, and every good song is precious in the eyes of God.

More importantly, the giant gaping void in my Final Fantasy coverage, that went from FF 1 all the way to 13-2, then jumped to 14, and then went on to 15, is now closed.  I now have songs from all the Final Fantasy numbered games, which corresponds to the fact that I've now thoroughly vetted them all.  The cycle is complete, and now I am the undisputed master (read: owner) of all good FF music.

Which were the five?  Equilibrium, The Wildlands, Prowlers of the Night, Divine Love and Endless Lives.  None of them are world altering phenoms or anything, but they can hold their weight.  Meanwhile, The Fall of Neo-Kuja from FF 9 is a remix of Wicked Melody, so it's out.  The new total for my music hall of fame is 4280 songs, and back to 9.7 days.